Meet The Team

Gary Steinhardt

Contingent Leader

Gary has been leading Contingents to national and international events for many, many years. He is a veteran of the Australian and New Zealand Ventures, as well as being very active within Victoria and around the country. Gary has a wealth of experience in organising large groups and is now famous across the country for the record-breaking and mind-blowing events he and his teams have created in the past. A friend to all, and very young at heart, Gary is our Contingent Leader.

Robert Slater

Deputy Contingent Leader

Rob has been Scouting since he was 6 – and it’s a huge part of who he is. Rob has been lucky to experience Australian Jamborees and Ventures, as well as the 2007 WSJ and many New Zealand Ventures – first as a participant and more recently in a range of leadership and organisational roles that have offered lots of experience. He and Gary have been close buddies for 6 years now, and having just spent 3 months at KISC as a Summer Pinkie in 2015 living and breathing KISC from the inside, Rob is very well placed as the Deputy Contingent Leader.

Andrew Cooper

DCL Program

Andrew is a true KISC believer, having worked at the Centre in a range of positions across 2008-2011. Andrew is part of Scouts Australia’s International Team, and will be heading up our Program Team for KISC2016. He knows the routes, activities and huts inside out, and will ensure that every one of our Contingent members has an itinerary and an experience that will showcase the very best of KISC, and the very best of Switzerland. His knowledge and expertise as out DCL Program will be invaluable.

Heather Browett

DCL Administration

Heather has never attended KISC, which means her face will match yours as the train arrives into Kandersteg. Heather uses her organisational skills to keep the rest of the Contingent Management Team in order. She has had past experience working in Contingent Management for WAM 2014, and is an excel super-pro. Heather can’t wait to receive more of your payments, forms and paperwork and feels like she knows you all already after replying to all the emails we have received so far. Heather has stepped up from the Assistant position, after Dylan headed over to join the KISC staff full time.

Lisa Picking

Contingent Advisor

Lisa knows KISC’s ins and outs, having called the shots in a 10-month stint as Reception Manager in 2012-2013 as well as KISC’s Winter ski weeks. She is the State Commissioner – International for Victoria and with plenty of experience from leading and advising Contingents to three NZ Moots, Lisa’s role as Contingent Advisor is a crucial one. Lisa doesn’t often feel homesick when traveling but frequently feels 'KISC-sick' when at home and knows it will get under your skin too.

Andre Selton

Program Team

Like Heather, Andre is yet to experience the magic of KISC first-hand – but he loves a bit of mystery. Andre brings a fresh perspective to the trip’s organisation and cant wait to see it all for real. Andre though has had many international Scouting adventures and loves the friendship, chats and banter of an international campfire. He will be supporting Andrew in the Program Team and using his experience to make sure everyone falls asleep exhausted with a smile on their face while at KISC.

Callum Morrison


Callum is another KISC newbie who can’t wait to see what all the hype is about. Fresh out of an Assistant Contingent Leader Position for Victoria at AV2015, Cal joins the CMT to offer help wherever it is needed. From logistics to Contingent gear and lots in between, Callum will be doing plenty of jobs in plenty of places to make sure everything runs smoothly – something he has a lot of practice in.

Rob Byrnes

Welfare Manager

Once a Cub Leader in NSW before moving to Victoria, I am currently the State Commissioner for Venturers. I’ve been to major events across all the sections, and have held Welfare roles for Ventures in Australia and New Zealand. I have broad shoulders, a listening ear and an open door. I can’t wait to meet you all and share this unique Scouting experience with you.

Wendy Byrnes

Welfare Team

The other half of your Welfare Team, I am currently a Cub Leader and had a development role in my district as well. I’ve been to Cuborees, Australian Jamborees, and looked after Venturer and Adult Welfare at Kangarees as well. I’m great at problem solving, so come see me with any issue and we will work through it. KISC2016 will be an amazing journey, and I look forward to enjoying it with you.

Matt Ferris

Medical Officer

Hi everyone, I am your Contingent Medical Officer. I am a trained paramedic and have run first aid stations on major events in Australian and New Zealand. In my spare time I also enjoy teaching group fitness classes – perfect prep for KISC! I am from Flash Rover Crew in SA, have seen a few different national and international events, and am pumped to see what European Scouting is all about.