Participant Info

Some short and sharp explanations of what to expect, and what is expected of you, as we countdown to KISC2016.


We’re Scouts, and that means we’re camping – the same as any other major event! We’ll be in two person hiking tents for the duration of the trip. You know, the ones you can’t stand up in. Yes, it will probably rain for some point during the trip. This is Scouting, after all.

Troops and Patrols

Participants will be divided into Troops camping on different parts of the KISC site, and each Troop will have a number of Patrols. There will be Scouts, Venturers, and Rovers in each Troop. This is a great opportunity for fun, friendship, and leadership.

Over 18s

Leaders will be attending as leaders, and will have a critical role to play in the running of the Contingent. Adult Leaders will be responsible for camp life in troop lines, and will also provide first line support and welfare through the patrol structures. Troop Leaders have already been selected and will be in touch shortly. KISC activities will be run by KISC Guides with our leaders providing the support and supervision – meaning they will take part as well. There may be times where extra work or tasks are shared amongst the Adult Leadership group to help with the running of the contingent. Leaders will have duties to perform most days and evenings, and may have some rostered time off.

Rovers will be attending as participants. As we are travelling and camping with Scouts and Venturers, we expect Rovers to lead by example as well as interact with and assist younger participants. This is chance to be a role model to younger participants. We know that many of our Rovers will be looking forward to this, as they are also Adult Leaders back home.

Under 18s

Swiss law differs from Australian law in a number of areas, especially around minimum ages for alcohol consumption. All KISC2016 participants will be following Australian law, and the rules set down by the Scout Association of Australia. Behave as you would at an Australian Scouting event, and we won’t have any troubles.

All participants – Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders – are reminded of the Code of Conduct they signed as part of the registration process.


Catering will be provided by KISC, and can accommodate most dietary requirements. We need to know in advance of dietary requirements, food allergies, and any treatment plans.


The planned program offers opportunities for people of various fitness levels, but to enjoy the Alps you need a base level of fitness. The more you put in, the more you will get out. It is a once in a lifetime trip, so be prepared to make the most of it. The elevation and the terrain makes it very different to Australia – so be prepared to be tested and pushed.

The Two Day and Day Up activities will need to be chosen based on your fitness level – so give yourself the best chance and most choice. For starters, we’ll be hiking from the train station to KISC, which is 1-2kms over a rough path (no wheeling luggage!).

The Contingent Team are more than happy to chat with you about this aspect of the trip to answer questions or give you guidance. Use the remaining time in the buildup to make a concerted effort to make sure your fitness is ready for the trip of a lifetime.