Payment Info

You know the drill. To pay, head to your account at and use the payment gateway to make a credit-card style payment. You can pay in bulk, or at the milestones – just make sure you are up to date at each checkpoint.

The cost includes all travel (for Contingent Travellers), accommodation, meals, all activities in the ten day program, and contingent gear for the full two weeks. It is great value – especially considering the distance we are travelling and the experiences we will have!

Payment Schedule

Date Installment Contingent Travel Indepedent Travel
April 12 2015 Deposit $400 $400
July 1st 2015 Second $750  
September 1st 2015 Third $750 $450
November 1st 2015 Fourth $750  
March 1st 2016 Fifth $750 $450
April 1st 2016 Final $800 $550
Total $4200 $1850

This Payment Schedule represents goals that must be met. You can pay in a lump sum upfront if you wish, just so long as you are ahead of the goals at each milestone. Remember, if you need help, or another arrangements, please reach out to us early – we need notice to arrange any changes.