Travel Info

The Contingent Team has made arrangements to support those Members who wish to travel with the Contingent, as well as those who would prefer to use independent travel to make the most of their airfares and time abroad.

Contingent Travellers

Approximately half of our Members will be travelling as part of the Contingent. Flight leave from your chosen capital city across Saturday 25th June (we have avoided the need for any departures on Friday 24th June). All groups will be accompanied by at least one Australian Adult Leader.

All groups will fly separately from Australia on the world-renowned Singapore Airlines and will congregate in Singapore’s Changi Airport. Contingent Travellers will then join and proceed as one group on the same Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Zurich in Switzerland.

Landing in Zurich on the morning of Sunday 26th June, we will join with the independent travellers before proceeding as the complete Australian Contingent to Kandersteg via Swiss Rail - a stunning journey.

For our return, Contingent Travellers will be accommodated inside on the evening of Friday 8th July so that tents can be cleaned and packed. We will then be departing early Saturday 9th July to Zurich via rail, and flying as one group from Zurich to Changi in Sinagpore. From here, each state will the split and fly separately to their capital city - the reverse of our trip to Switzerland.

Independent Travellers

The remaining half of our Contingent will be travelling independently. As previously communicated, this means that you are solely responsible for organising and funding your own transport, accommodation, and welfare for the time spent outside of the Contingent at KISC2016.You are required to meet the Contingent Team at 8am at Zurich Airport on Sunday 26th June for check-in. Once our Contingent Members have been processed on arrival, we will then proceed as one group to KISC.Independent Travellers are required to leave KISC by midday on Saturday 9th July. Your next step is up to you, and should be organised before you leave Australia. Your fees include a train ticket to any airport or border point in Switzerland. This should get you on your way.

Independent travellers will need to provide the Contingent Admin Team with five compulsory details prior to our departure. We will be requesting these in May. You must provide us with a copy of:

  • Travel Bookings: Details of your flights to and from Australia.
  • Arrival into Zurich: Details of how you will be travelling in order to meet us at 8am on Sunday 26 June at Zurich Airport. We need to know where you are coming from, and how you will be joining us.
  • Passprt Details: Number and expiry date of your travelling passport.
  • Travel Insurance: You will be covered by the Scouts Australia policy for the time you are with the Contingent. Independent travellers must take out additional cover for any travel extending beyond our time (before June 25th, or after July 10th 2016).
  • SmartTraveller Registration Confirmation: The entire Contingent will be registered with the Australian Government’s SmartTraveller. You must register any additional travel with the database yourself, and provide us with confirmation (for travel before June 25th, or after July 10th 2016).

Independent Travellers should note that your official time (and affliation) with Scouts Australia is limited to the time you are with us (namely the 26th June to the 9th July 2016). While the Contingent Management Team and Scouts Australia has no formal duty of care or responsibility outside of these times, we nevertheless must be informed of your movements and arrangements outside of these times. Failure to submit the above documentation to the Contingent when requested to in May will jeopardise your position on the Contingent.